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My Happy List

When I graduated from “back school,” I promised my physical therapist that I would stop doing stupid stuff like lifting things that are too heavy. I’ve been very very good, and my back has been happy happy. Until the other day. Stupid me. I lifted the dehumidifier down the step from the kitchen to the garage. The next morning I woke with a painful limp from the pain that travels from my back through my hip. That put me in a very bad mood yesterday. Grump, grump, snarl. I decided this morning that instead of writing another grumpy post like my short list post, I would make a happy list instead. So this is my list of things that make me happy. Not a complete list of course, nor in any particular order of happiness.

spring! the daffodils are popping open

mornings when the kitties let me sleep in instead of standing on my head at 3am

a good strong cup of freshly ground dark roast coffee, locally roasted, shade grown, fair trade, organic

when my mom leaves the house for several hours

a new episode of House

Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares (I’m gobsmacked!)

gardening  (even weeding!)

the big flocks of Canadian geese that honk and fly and circle during migration, and then settle into our wetlands and pastures for a bit of baby-making

a clean house



road trips

the desert

sitting in the shade on a really hot day

having days that are hot enough for sitting in the shade




two dollar happy hour pints



my husband

when the Farmer’s Market opens in spring

full moons

oak trees

those little round gall balls under oak trees


not stepping on rattlesnakes

Brian the moose

hot springs

napping in the back yard on a warm summer day

The Pod

Willow Ranch

not having to go to the dentist for at least six months


being far away from the ocean

little sis helping me solve “short trip” problems



finding old bones on a hike

doing photo essays with my barbie dolls


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