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Coming attractions

Now that I’m back home, I have a backlog of posting ideas. Keep your eyes peeled for Isabella Rossellini’s bug porn, road and places pictures from my trip, zombies, hot-springing barbies, and other oddities.


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Waist to face, front and center, updated

I’m back home after being gone almost three weeks. The hardest part of coming home is dealing with everything being out of place. I can handle the general grubbiness of the house, as I am thankful that my husband took care of my mom and the pets and the house on top of his regular job. But my very compulsive nature has a hard time with everything being out of place. I have always liked having everything in a specific place, but my need for that has increased as mom is able to do less and less. Aside from all of the things I use regularly, which are organized based on frequency of use, like with like, etc., all of the things that mom uses, or I use for mom, are based on the principle of waist to face, front and center. Mom doesn’t have the energy to dig around in the cupboards or fridge, and it also takes more energy for her to reach up for things or bend over for things. Therefore, anything that she might need on a regular basis is situated in the zone from waist-high to face-high, and never behind other stuff. In the fridge, anything that is not situated front and center doesn’t even exist in her world. Even though she only makes occasional forays into the kitchen now to get things for herself, they still need to be in the “zone” in case she does. And it is very convenient for me to have her favorite cups and dishes right in front so that I don’t have to dig for them when I prepare her food and drinks. She ONLY wants certain cups and dishes, and before I started preparing virtually all of her food and drinks and delivering them directly to her in her room, she would grab a dirty favorite and give it a quick rinse (without soap) if there wasn’t a clean favorite available.

Anyway, after being gone for weeks, I find that my kitchen is no longer organized in the proper manner. I spend the first few days regularly exclaiming, “what the hell is this doing here?” or “where the hell are mom’s bowls?” Both the mom-zone organization and the regular organization are completely gone. Doesn’t EVERYBODY know that you don’t put the company silverware in with the regular silverware? Doesn’t EVERYBODY know you don’t stack bowls on plates?

I am so alone in my little world of organizational logic.

Update: Steve claims it is all Martha’s fault, because she was the one in the kitchen doing stuff. Not so fast, Stever Beaver. Thatmaywellbeebutt…Steve has lived in this house for almost three years, whereas Martha was just visiting and apparently doing all the work on her “vacation.” So, Steve, I’m falling back on my favorite fridge magnet saying, “I didn’t say it was your fault; I said I was going to blame you.” Most of the stuff in the kitchen is in the exact place it has been for the last almost three years. Given Steve’s completely unrepentant lack of interest in putting ANYTHING back where it belongs in this house, I really am going to carry through with my oft-repeated threat to him at some point: I’m going to go to his office (the house and kitchen are MY office) and rearrange everything that he regularly uses, just to annoy and confound him. And probably his tool bench and tool chest in the garage too. As happily disorganized as he is, he still keeps some of his office and tool bench relatively organized, so that he can actually find his frequently used items. Payback, baby, payback.

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Strange trip

My walkabout has not gone as planned, but I am making necessary adjustments. I learn new things about myself every day, even if it is not fun. It may be trite, but baby steps are sometimes just the right size.

I have managed some barbie photos, though not as many as I expected by this time. The girls visited a couple of hot springs, and I took pictures of their enjoyment. The dinosaur has made a brief cameo appearance but needs a more starring role in future pictures.

I visited with my beloved friend Joey today and she was so good for me and to me. She lets me be the strange person I am right now and gives good advice and big hugs. Then had a crazy good time shopping for stocking stuffers at the 17th Street Market, my favorite place in Tucson. Friends and family beware of oddness in your stockings this year. For once I got the cool weird stuff that can compete with the cool weird stuff from mom and sisters. Neener.

I’m going to see a 3D movie with Joey tomorrow, and take a walk-n-talk. I’ve been cutting cactus at my in-laws and wiping out packrat homes. Move along little fuzzballs. The unseasonably hot weather here in Tucson has finally mellowed into the comfortable 80’s. Yay! Meteor shower tonight! I probably won’t be able to wake up for it.

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Wedding cakes

I don’t have time to do an organized post. Here are a few pictures of cakes and wedding. I’ll clean it up when I get home next month.




































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And now, your moment of zany

Very short post to share a moment of silly realization with you. I was talking with my little sister last night about her dogs, and she said something that made me stop and back her up and repeat what she said. That led to a strange connection. Anyway, she was explaining that the Pod dog gets a food hard-on when she is making his dinner, and we were laughing about it. That’s when she used the term “lipstick” to describe his red doggie hard-on.
“Lipstick? Did you call it lipstick?” I said. She said, yeah, they always call it lipstick. Suddenly my eyes got wide and I said to her, “Do you realize this puts a whole new meaning into Sarah Palin’s “pitbull with lipstick” identity? And we both started busting up with laughter. Now I am NEVER going to be able to keep a straight face when the “pitbull with lipstick” term is used. Because it fits. That woman is just a dog with a hard-on. Nuff said.

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