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It is random picture day

There is too much going on during the holidays for me to focus on blog posts.

So here are some random pictures I pulled out of my picture files. Well really they are just semi-random, since they are in numerical order in my picture file.

Fizzbin and Cleo.


Spring flowers.

Summer flowers.

Aravaipa Canyon in late fall.

Fall colors in Aravaipa Canyon.

White-tail deer.

Topaz and Fizzbin.

A friend’s metal art, decked out for the holidays.

Deer on lawn.

Northern California beach.

leafy footbridge.

Hi there.

A California Woodpecker was busy.


Our hawthorne tree in spring.



Old fenceposts on Lassan Plateau.

Middlegate Shoe Tree.

Old building in Eureka, NV.

Vista at Idaho/Montana border.


Water stop in Oregon.

Old boat at Cabin Lake. The lake hasn’t been there since the Pleistocene probably. Maybe the boat is that old.

Trail Gulch Lake.

Lavender rose.

Summer flowers.

A very green lake.

Lava tube cave at Lava Beds.

Tule Lake wetlands.

Fire in our neighborhood.

In the dark, in the night.

Lava Beds cave again.

Bird above surf, Bodega Bay.

Decor for Halloween/Dia de la Muertos.

My halloween costume one year.

Which of these is not like the others?


Somewhere in San Diego.

Melting tree.

San Diego fog.

Military cemetary.


Rocks in Joshua Tree NP.

Blooming joshua tree.


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If you are here for the first time because of the Palin book signing, please click on the “Barbie Theatre” page in the header at the top of the blog. I am a lame admin and am still trying to figure out how to make the links hot, but for now you can just copy and paste to see my fun with barbies.

If you haven’t posted a comment before, it will not appear until I check it. I approve all comments from real people. Trolls and Bots are automatically pitched headfirst into the ether. My blog, my right. If Palin can have her own definition of free speech, so can I, and mine doesn’t include assholes and ignorant whackjobs.

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Sarah Palin makes another stop on her tour of “real America,” where everybody is white, Republican, and stupid.

I am Sarah the Queen. You may now line up so that I can sign copies of my glorious book that I wrote myself except for that ghost writer lady helping to put my glorious words on paper, you betcha, the way Moses helped God put words on tablets, except I fired Moses because she wanted her name on the cover of my tablets and that won’t do, dontcha know, also too.

I brought my blessed under-dressed angel who is a pain in the ass and who does not have my glorious good looks so he has to settle for being iconic with cold feet.

Don’t forget to take advantage of my special offers that are only my just due since I am a queen and I need money for my vacations. The cashier is to the right on your way out.

I only sign books bought here because they love me here and will make you pay full price and you won’t even get a subscription to a magazine that speaks in complete sentences about how wonderful I am.

Buy two so you can sell one on EBay and then send me the money for my vacations away from that stupid, er, glorious Alaska.

I will only sign 1000, er… 500, er… 25 books because I have a plane, er…bus to catch on my way to another glorious part of real America, where more idiots, er…adoring fans are waiting in the rain for me to smile upon them the way God smiled on his flock from above, while amber shades of sunset glowed around his head.

Giving your real American germs to the retard, er…blessed angel will cost you extra. Don’t forget the cashier is to the right on your way out.

Buy some unsigned copies on your way out because I will only sign two and I’m sure you have relatives who adore me. Cashier on right, yada yada.

Word salad, $50/lb.

The good villagers of PlasticLand decide to get together and protest one of Sarah’s salad signings. They thought they got rid of her, but she’s like mildew and just keeps coming back.

They make their signs.

Plan their strategy.

KO even stops by to join in.

One-armed barbie is sick of Sarah using little Trig as a prop.

Rural Native Alaskan barbie is still pissed about the EX-gov’s really lame non-response to the rural food and fuel crisis the previous winter.

KO is starting to get tired of the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s Todd’s turn to be the family prop today.

He tries not to stand too near the utterly strange “real Americans” who adore his wife.

Sarah’s fans.

Sarah turns on the charm as she signs books.

Security guy needs a beer.

Sarah is thinking she needs a Red Bull.

She thinks about her upcoming vacation when she gets done with this stupid, er…glorious tour of real America.

I’m so glad you could all come and support my bank account, er…my great values and message as I walk among you.

Signing my wonderful book over and over is like walking in a flower-filled meadow while waiting for my moose chili to be done.

Todd is thinking about that pretty little “roof” he needs to “fix.”

Have you all seen my Todd?

Is he a hunk or what? His sparkling blue eyes crinkle when he smiles, like the wrapper of my Crunchwrap Supreme on a warm fall afternoon as the birds sing above the remote peaks of the Alaskan wilderness. Dang!

Todd took time out of his busy roof fixing, which he does with his buddies and is really good at because he’s part Native, to be here with me in real America.

Those evil bloggers in pajamas think I would give up this great prop, er…husband hunk. Dang! Have you SEEN Todd?

I am perfect with a perfect life and a hunky husband and perfect children that everybody is always picking on because they are jealous of me and what an expert on everything I am.

Sarah’s bus waits outside for her quick getaway to the airport.

Well let’s get these books signed now so I can get the hell out of here and have a Red Bull and check my Blackberries, er…I have another stop soon with more lovely real Americans so let’s hustle.

The signing continues.

Trig starts fussing.

Where is Piper or Aunt Katie?

Trig, did you eat my Blackberries? You know you can’t handle solid food yet.

Did everybody see my prop, er…blessed angel?

Hey you, security man! Stop standing around doing nothing and take my retard, er…blessed angel.

Hurry up, he needs some clothes and shoes because those blasted bloggers keep talking about him not being properly dressed, er…he needs changing.

Now, where was I?

Security guy REALLY needs a beer now.

I’m almost at my limit for the day.

Todd decides he needs to get back to the “roof.”

Bye bye, hunky hubby! Dang!

The villagers have assembled outside the signing venue.

Nice ripe tomatoes.

They laugh and chant with solidarity.

Quitty Twitty Bang Bang!!

WE are real America!

The Grifter is in town, polluting our air!

And we aren’t going to take it anymore!

Expert on quitting and taking stupid people’s money!

May your aim be true and your arm strong!

THIS is free speech!

Real American Tomatoes!

Native barbie decides to go for a closer shot.

Woohoo! Touchdown!!

A new kind of pancake makeup!

And the villagers rejoice!

Much rejoicing.

Got the Palin wannabe too! Good shot!

Oh no, my hair extensions are ruined!

More rejoicing.

You ruined my outfit!

Mine too!

Security guy wishes he’d stayed on the turkey farm.

A fitting mess.

One-armed barbie grabbed Trig to keep him out of the fray.

I’m going to get fired! I need a beer!!

Tomatoes for the salad!!

Where’s that damn bus! Where’s security!? Where’s Piper?! My hairdo is ruined and my troughed-on makeup is running!

I’m going to sue everybody! You will hear from my lawyer and my faceliftbook ghostwriter!

Rejoicing continues.

Sarah makes a getaway, but not before her bus gets tomatoed.

The Bots ran away, afraid of those “socialist riff-raff” free-speechers.

And peace descended upon the land.

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Bring an enema home for the holidays

Aaaarrrrggghhhh! I was playing my silly animal Christmas CD, and the first song is “Bring an Animal Home for the Holidays.” My husband thought it was enema instead of animal, and started singing it that way. Then I started hearing that instead of the correct word, and now it is stuck in my head.

When we were kids, my little sister always sang, “oh come mommy faithful….”

Oh please, mommy faithful, do NOT bring an enema home for Christmas!

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It’s the end of the year. Hard to believe. Here are some random December pictures, in no particular order.

Fizzie in Girltown.

Girltown straightened up for winter.

Fizzie making sure the chair is comfy.

Star lights in Girltown.

My favorite tree farm.

I almost forgot to take pictures.

Car with tree on top and dog inside.

You could call this christmas tree lane.

Dog and tree.

Dog and tree and christmas tree lane.

Geese near our house.

I think they are Aleutian Cackling Geese, but I won’t swear to it.

Many pretty geese.

Many, many pretty geese.

Coastal migration rest stop.

Many, many, many pretty geese.

Many, many, many, oh you get the idea.

Still decorating the tree.

Presents too.

Alien kitties.

Fizzie keeping her feet warm in cold Girltown.

Outdoor holiday lights.

Squash pig.

Glowing flowers.

Morning sky.

Rain is coming.

Frostbitten yard.

Last of the leaves on the cherry tree.

Squash pig visited by maple leaves.

Holiday door.

Tree from front door.

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I’ve been reading comments around the Internet concerning the Palin-tomato-throwing incident at the Mall of America. I was just mildly rolling my eyes at the usual idiotic comments until I started seeing some Bots saying that it was a sexist thing to do, and an assault on women. Oh fucking please! People have been throwing rotten eggs and other juicy food tidbits for centuries to show their disapproval of the behavior of rulers, politicians, bad actors, lame celebrities, and common criminals. It is one of our oldest forms of expression. If anything, Bailin’ Palin should feel honored to have been the object of historic free “speech.”

In my little town, we had an ongoing tomato-throwing protest directed at the Taco Bell that pushed out our favorite Mexican restaurant. The owner of the property got a higher rent offer from the Taco Bell franchise than from the restaurant that was already there, so he told the first restaurant to pack its bags, and he let Taco Bell move in. Well, we don’t take kindly to pushing out local restaurants in favor of chain restaurants. In this town, we prefer to keep the big chains outside our city limits. So just as we drove out KFC many years previous by boycotting, we all boycotted Taco Bell, and some intrepid soul started a drive-by tomato-throwing campaign. It got to be a conversation starter: “Taco Bell was tomatoed again last night.” The franchise owner finally got the message and moved on, probably shaking her head at those “sexist” people in Arcata who don’t like Taco Bell.

Anyway, in honor of the great tradition of tomato-throwing, I bring you the history of food throwing as an expression of disapproval, insult, political expression, etc.

I got this information at GoogleAnswers.

Subject: Re: History of egg and tomato throwing as a form of protest
Answered By: leli-ga on 15 Jun 2003 03:25 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello buttfoo

Thanks for a very interesting question which I enjoyed working on.

English medieval petty criminals who had been sentenced to a few hours
in the stocks were often pelted with rotten eggs, fruit and vegetables
by their fellow villagers or citizens. It was a well-established form
of insult or humiliation.

It continued to be an extra punishment for people in the stocks or the
pillory as the habit of protesting by throwing eggs etc. developed.
People in, say, the eighteenth century who protested against different
beliefs in this way would undoubtedly have been aware of the custom of
pelting offenders with a variety of rotten food, mud and worse.

The habit seems to have been strongly entrenched in Britain, although
of course throwing things at people you don't like is an ancient
custom! Before he became Roman emperor nearly two thousand years ago,
Vespasian had turnips hurled at him. But in Mediterranean countries
egg and tomato throwing often had a more festive tone, belonging to
carnival and harvest time. It seems to be the British tradition which
was exported to other parts of the English-speaking world, both as
punishment and protest. Rotten eggs were a very popular weapon;
tomatoes would have come into the picture more in parts of the world
where they grow plentifully and easily.

The earliest references I've found to throwing eggs at people to
protest against their views hinge on arguments about religion, but
politics and religion were of course intertwined in some cases.

Throwing eggs as a protest against bad acting is a special case. It's
often said this happened in the Elizabethan theatre, though I found
conflicting evidence on this. However, it certainly happened in
nineteenth century America.

I've gathered a list of examples from the net which I think give an
overall picture of the history of throwing eggs and other food at
people as a protest action. There really doesn't seem to be any
particular name for the people doing the throwing. Perhaps they
preferred semi-anonymity?


England - 17th century

" the then Bishop of Durham, Doctor Cosin, [...] was pelted with eggs
by the Puritan people of Berwick"

Massachusetts - late 18th century	

"Murray had to sue the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to win the right
to be legally ordained and installed in Gloucester. He had eggs thrown
at him in one city, and in Gloucester, a large rock crashed through
the meetinghouse window, narrowly missing his head!"

Isle of Man - late 18th century

"Mud, rotten eggs, stones, &c., were thrown at them without the least
mercy or regard"

Indiana - 1840s?

"Guerin wrote [...] of the rotten eggs thrown at her and her
companions by some anti-Catholic thugs in Madison, Ind.",1626,ECP_782_1898990,00.html

London - 1870?

"Mission volunteers were often harassed and sometimes physically
assaulted as they marched through the streets with their signs and
musical instruments calling everyone to their outdoor tent meetings.
William would return home late each night with his clothes soaked from
the liquor, mud and rotten eggs thrown at him during his crusade.
During a strategy meeting in 1878, held at Catherine’s bedside, the
name of the Mission was officially changed to The Salvation Army."


Poor William Booth again:

"At Hastings, the town's leading grocer offered rotten eggs to all
comers as anti-Salvation ammunition."


Roman Empire - AD 63?

Vespasian "pelted with turnips"

England - 1830s?

George Eliot was obviously familiar with eggs being thrown at people
making election speeches. She describes this happening in chapter 51
of her novel "Middlemarch" which is set in the 1830s though written
around 1870:
"here an unpleasant egg broke on Mr. Brooke's shoulder [...] then came
a hail of eggs"

New Hampshire - 1830s

"Soon, after an anti-slavery lecture in Plymouth, NH, [Whittier] and
English abolitionist George Thompson, were attacked by a mob in
Concord, pelted with rotten [...] eggs and Whittier was wounded in the
leg by a flying stone."

Canada - 1836

" Mackenzie's meetings were often broken up by loyalists armed with
whatever weapons proved handy. After a speech in Brampton he had to be
taken away by a Doctor Patullo, hurried on by a shower of rotten

Massachusetts  - 1839

"[A hall with] windows broken by stones and bad eggs, thrown to break
up antislavery meetings.."

Seattle - 1903

"There was not a sign of riot in town until Humes appointed 18 scabs
as special policemen and armed them with guns and a little brief
authority. Every demonstration was wholly good natured. Nothing worse
than a few eggs thrown."

Ireland - 1906

"Mr. Stephen Gwynn was standing as a member of Parliament for Galway,
and fighting, in the face of rotten eggs and decayed fish"

South Africa - 1919

"...the crowd threw rotten eggs and sang 'God Save The King'" (at
people leading the movement for South Africa's independence from


Middle Ages

"Market Hill was the medieval centre of Cambridge. Here was the old
guildhall and the prison with stocks and pillory outside. Rotten fruit
and vegetables would be thrown at those being punished. "

Mid-sixteenth century

"The priest at the time was said to have sold his wife to a butcher,
for which he was pelted with rotten eggs."


"To deter stealing at the fair, the stocks were placed in a prominent
place.  Anyone caught stealing was locked in the stocks day and night
without food or water.  They became the targets of jeers and rotten

18th century

"The pillory turned so that crowds on all sides could get a good view,
and the crowd expressed their disapproval of the offence by pelting
the offender with rotten eggs and vegetables, blood and guts from
slaughterhouses, dead cats, mud and excrement, and even bricks and
stones. Some died from the abuse, despite increasing efforts by
constables to protect the convict, by forming a ring around the


Colonial America

"· Pillory - this framework had holes for the criminal's head and
hands to stick through while they stood up. Once locked in they might
get rotten fruit or other items thrown at them. The wrongdoer was
condemned to carry out his punishment in rain or shine or freezing

Canada - 1800

Both pillory and stocks "carried the threat of your fellow citizens
throwing things at you."



"When Macready toured the colonies, American audiences greeted him
with jeers and rotten eggs."

"Antebellum Theaters"

"When they were displeased, they yelled and hissed and pelted actors
with rotten eggs, stones, and even chairs."

I found thinking about this very interesting and was tempted down
various side alleys like the difference between rotten eggs and eggs
used to celebrate marriage or Easter as symbols of growth and
fertility. I was also interested in the Italian and Spanish festivals
which have a "crowd on the rampage" flavor possibly echoed in some
modern political protests. However, I believe that the main tradition
of hurling eggs, fruit etc. as ideological protest grew up alongside
the well-established "extra punishment" habits in Britain.

Hope this answers your question, but feel free to ask for
clarification if you have a query about what I've written.

Regards - Leli


And here is another brief bit of information from a blog. As the above answer pointed out, tomatoes were not the earliest form of food protest because there were no tomatoes to be gotten.

The History of Throwing Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten TomatoBy Michelle Fabio

We’ve all heard of or even seen people throwing rotten tomatoes when disappointed in a live performance; indeed this is where popular movie reviewing and previewing site Rotten Tomatoes gets its name from.

But did people really throw rotten tomatoes at actors?

Well, obviously not during Shakespeare’s time since, as according to the website of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, tomatoes weren’t even available in England at that time. The site notes, though, that at the end of performances, the actors announced the following day’s features—and if people didn’t like it, they just might have thrown things.

But not tomatoes.

There is at least one documented case of an aspiring actor in Hempstead, Long Island, New York being pelted with tomatoes throughout a performance at Washington Hall. The October 28, 1883 edition of the New York Times reports that John Ritchie was hit “square between the eyes” with a tomato while trying to perform a trapeze act. With his damages estimated at $50, Ritchie not surprisingly vowed never to perform in Hempstead again.

No matter how prevalent the act actually was (and is), throwing tomatoes has become associated with protests—remember the post about PETA’s use of tomatoes in its war against fur?

The idea has even reached political circles as the Dutch Socialist party has adopted the tomato as its symbol because of this connotation.

But I still have to ask—what did the tomatoes do to deserve this fate?


And here is an excerpt from a Gawker article about the Palin tomato-throwing. You can follow the link to read the rest.

Since we opened up that can of stewed pears by praising the guy who threw tomatoes at Sarah Palin, we figured it’s a good time to explain why it was cool that he did that. In other words: Food fight!Here are the reasons (besides the obvious ones) that we think it was a good idea for Jeremy Paul Olson to throw food at Sarah Palin today during her Minnesota reading, for which he is currently incarcerated:

Throwing food at people has a long, messy history

The first recorded incident of throwing food at a public figure in history, according to our ten minutes of Googling, was in 60-something AD when Roman emperor Vespasianus Ceaser Augustus was “pelted with turnips” at a riot, most likely by people sick of having nothing to eat but turnips. In the 1770s, preacher John Crook was similarly assaulted when he tried to convert the heathens of the Isle of Man to Methodism.

Later, an 1883 Times article titled “AN ACTOR DEMORALIZED BY TOMATOES” recounts the fierce pillorying of the actor John Ritchie

He had a crowded house, and was warmly received, in fact, it was altogether hot for him, there being distributed among the audience a bushel or two of rotten tomatoes. The first act opened with Mr. Ritchie trying to turn a somersault. He probably would have succeeded had not a great many tomatoes struck him, throwing him off his balance and demoralizing him… a large tomato thrown from the gallery struck him square between the eyes, and he fell to the stage floor just as several bad eggs dropped upon his head. Then the tomatoes flew thick and fast, and Ritchie fled for the stage door.

Come on, haters: That is awesome!

More recently, Nixon was pelted with eggs and tomatoes during a 1958 trip to South America, but cleverly blamed it on the fact he was riding in one of the notoriously shitty Edsel convertibles. You guys just got a face-full of history there, which proves that throwing food is basically the “Mad Men” of political protest.

A violent action without all that violence

Violence is wrong. But sometimes you just want to fuck shit up. Throwing food is a good compromise, with much of the spectacle and newsworthiness of violence but none of the stupid “hurting people” part. (Incidentally, we should mention that we endorse that tomato-throwing guy if and only if he was chucking very soft, overripe tomatoes which would splatter readily and harmlessly all over Ms. Palin and drip down into her clothes while she was trying to sign books. Also, the tomatoes should have been organic and fair trade!)

It’s democratic

Did we mention that, after signing her books today at the Mall of America, Palin headed off to a $5000 per head fundraiser for The Freedom Club PAC? The people who can pay $5000 for this kind of thing are the people who run our country. It’s only fair that we allow Joe the disenfranchised Plumber the right to hurl at members of the power-elite the tomatoes which their own unfair trade policies have made so affordable and delicious.

Usually, the victim deserves it

Consider this partial list of people who have had food thrown at them, according to Google:

If a group of people who more needed a pie in the face exists, then someone should pie those people, too. Chances are, if people are angry enough to risk incarceration simply to throw food at you, you have done something to deserve it—and then some.

It’s hilarious

Politics is so boring. Those people who complain about how childish or unproductive throwing food at politicians is forget that the political process is by nature childish and unproductive. At least throwing food lends some real and hilarious slapstick to a system which too often resembles Wile E. Coyote trying to blow up Road Runner with a stick of dynamite made out of stupid, boring legislation.

“The tree of liberty is watered by the pies of patriots.”
-Thomas Jefferson (American revolutionary and inventor of the pie)


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I should do a Barbie Palin book signing

I think it would be fairly easy to put together a book signing photo shoot with my barbies. But I would have to create miniature “Going Rogue” books for the barbies to hold while in line. And I guess I really have to glue Sarah’s head back on. Sigh. I like her the way she is because you can look into her head and see that there is no brain.

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