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In May of 2009 I wrote:

This blog will be at a standstill while I deal with the painful reality of the death of my son. Please donate to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary or Miranda’s Rescue in lieu of flowers or other expressions of sympathy.


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The final reading

My mother sent this piece of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” for me to read at Nehemiah’s funeral.  I read it last, after the other readings.

I am not a bit tamed….I am untranslatable
I depart as air….I shake my locks at the runaway sun.
I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love,
If you want me again look for me under your bootsoles.
You will hardly know who I am or what I mean,
But I shall be good health to you nevertheless,
And filter and fibre your blood.
Failing to fetch me at first, keep encouraged,
Missing me one place search another,
I stop somewhere waiting for you.

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Spring flowers

I am SO glad it’s May.

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Spring meadow barbies

My barbies took a walk in a meadow during the Palin protest weekend. It was a lovely spring day. They dragged along that blue paisley couch they borrowed from Tawd. They dragged along Tawd too. He’s fixing lots of roofs while Sarah is on her screech tour.

The meadow behind my friend’s house.

Spring gathering.

Spring festivities.

Lovely meadow.

Green grass.

Who’s the party crasher?


New spot for the couch.

Redhead on a post.

Hi there!

Lovely day!

Spring is everywhere.

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Palin protest in Eugene, OR

When I heard that Sarah Palin was going to speak at a Republican fundraiser in Eugene, Oregon, I was a little put out. I went to grad school in Eugene, and I am rather fond of the mostly liberal little city.  After I thought about it, I decided that ponying up $75,000 to gawk at The Screecher, as she delivers her same tired talking points laced with google “research,” was really just a cry by the local Republican party for negative attention. So I and others obliged them by turning out to mock the Queen of Word Salad.

As someone pointed out to me recently, mocking Sarah Palin is a good thing. It won’t stop her from making millions of dollars from idiots eager for a look at the latest celebrity, but it might give her a momentary frowny face when she sees people who don’t just dislike her, but also (too) see her as a buffoon worthy of party-style mockery such as that delivered by the small but gleeful crowd in front of Eugene’s Hilton hotel. The cheerful pokefunnery at the gathering made me glad I had taken the time to make signs and drive up all the way from northern California. Here is a photo essay of the trip and the rally.

It was a beautiful spring day for a drive to Oregon.

I stopped to visit one of Sarah’s friends. Perhaps Sarah’s great great great great great grandparents used this guy to help them with their bootlegging operation.


The Hilton in Eugene.

Barricades for the Barracuda.

It was a warm spring day.

Security begins to appear at the exits.

The lamestream media obediently shows up around the back.

What’s a protest rally without at least one entrepreneur?

The guy carrying the deport Palin sign started a Facebook page to loosely organize the rally.

One of my signs.

Another one of my signs, with my Palin barbie.

An Oregon resident who does not like the quitty ex-governor. That’s my Palin barbie she’s holding, and that’s me and my signs behind her.

A local mental health advocacy group turned out with rubber chickens and skits.

Covering all the bases.

Liberals really do have a much better sense of humor than teabaggers.

Newslady borrowed my barbie for a prop.

Lots of Eugene’s older residents turned out for the rally. One silver-haired lady told me some guy yelled “get a job!” at her and she yelled back that she was retired and didn’t feel like working as a greeter at WalMart.

It was more fun for the lamestream media to hang around outside with the protesters than to sit in a room with a video feed of the Screecher.

Some guests weaving through the rally.

Newslady with prop.

A bendy-straw couple.

The bicycle cops were enjoying standing around in the beautiful sunshine. Not much to do but watch the crowd and occasionally clear the driveway of stray protesters.

The guy on the sidewalk holding balloons over his head said that they were a helicopter and a moose. He ran up and down the sidewalk, with the moose crying, “save me, save me!” For a while he stood near me, singing the first lines of every “Sarah” song he could remember. When he got to a Hall and Oates song, I suggested that “Maneater” might be a better choice. Ah, the suggestability of the harmlessly witless.

The family that protests together…

Must be a couple of college guys.

This woman’s skirt was made from Palin toilet paper. She said her ears were so full of hopey changey that she thought somebody said TP party, not teaparty.

Gotta love the fetching picture of Sarah.

Lots of ladies in pink. I think many of the pink people were from a local breast cancer group.


The group of pink ladies carried boxes of granola in response to Sarah’s google “research” of Eugene.

These nicely dressed young women may have been there for the fundraiser, but they seemed to enjoy hanging around with the protesters. They got their picture taken with a guy in a gorilla suit, whose main purpose for showing up at the rally seemed to be photo opportunities with pretty women.

He liked my Palin barbie.

Okay, give me back the barbie.

After a couple of hours with the crowd, I headed back to the parking structure to drop off my signs and go out for beer and dinner. These guys were on the other side of the Hilton.

As I passed the Hilton again on my way to dinner, I snapped a few more shots.

Although the crowd had thinned, it looked like some of the group planned to stick around until the guests began to depart.

Time for a beer.

Stop hogging my beer.

I told her to sit down and shut up.

One more walk past the protesters as I headed back to my car after dinner.

Thumbs up to the remaining protesters. It was a day well spent.

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