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A friend invited me down to Laytonville for the last day of the Kate Wolf Festival. It’s a folk music festival in northern California. I dubbed it “Old People Listening to Music.” Gray hair dominated. The music was mellow. The people were mellow. The oak covered hillsides were lovely. I got to hear The Po’ Girls, The Waifs, The David Grisman Band, Steve Earle, Hot Buttered Rum, and Ani Di Franco. The Waifs and Steve Earle were my favorites. People watching was fun. The food was good, and we had a nice shady campsite. I couldn’t afford the whole weekend, even if I could have arranged for mom and pets to be covered for that long. One day and a night of camping took all of my remaining birthday money and a bit of anniversary money. How do people afford these things? I took a representative sampling of pictures, but it was too hot to get serious with the camera (about 92 degrees).

A really cool bus.

The “Po’ Waifs.” The Po’ Girls and The Waifs played together.

Crowd enjoying the music.

The Waifs.

The main stage.

People stake their claims early for the evening show.

Redhead barbie enjoying the show.

My friends enjoying the show.

Bare feet on a hot day.

Redhead barbie works on her tan.

Some young folks dancing.

Preggers festival attendee.

The crowd, with buff gray hair in foreground.

One-armed barbie plays on the fence.

David Grisman Bluegrass Experience.

My friend mugging for the camera.

The crowd likes bluegrass way more than I do.

Yeah, okay, on to Steve Earle.

This guy is good.

The crowd agrees.

Day turns to evening as Steve plays on.

My tired camera batteries begin to complain.

Lit up peace sign in backstage area.

I wander off near the end of Steve Earle’s set because the guy next to me keeps talking to me. Stop at the hula hoop booth.

Packing up camp the next morning.

Lots to pack.

Hippy-dippy privacy screen.

Great campsite.

Tenting last night in the old campground.


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Frosty the summer snowman

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Fun memories from Sarah’s book tour.

Quitter Queen Roguey Book Tour, also, too Sarah Palin makes another stop on her tour of "real America," where everybody is white, Republican, and stupid. I am Sarah the Queen. You may now line up so that I can sign copies of my glorious book that I wrote myself except for that ghost writer lady helping to put my glorious words on paper, you betcha, the way Moses helped God put words on tablets, except I fired Moses because she wanted her name on the cover of my tablets and that won't do, … Read More

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This one is a little racy, but with plenty of mayhem.

Plastic Mayhem: hanky panky The whole world watched as Sarah Palin left her family home while pursuing her rabid ambition. The result was family chaos. Babies born to teenage daughters, husband sleeping on the couch, Trig left with Todd and Piper and the babysitter. Sarah has once again been away from home, in an undisclosed location, while ghostwriters spew nonsense on her Facebook page and Todd takes care of the kids. Megamouth has been strangely silent, right up until th … Read More

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This might be my favorite.

Plastic Mayhem: a walk in the woods Sarah Palin may not have a title anymore (except Supreme Moron), but I'm not done wreaking havoc on her plastic surrogate. So once again, come with me to plastic fantasy land, where the anti-Palin movement is strong and creative. Disclaimer: As I've said before, I don't advocate real violence against real people, but I will do what I damn well please with my barbies. Sarah has a meeting with her minions. She is hatching new plots. The bald clown … Read More

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More from PlasticLand

More plastic mayhem: the Twitter Quitter gets stoned I promised that I would do another round of plastic violence against plastic Queen Sarah, so here it is. There were some technical difficulties during the violence part (trying to photograph flying rocks with a point and shoot was harder than I expected), but the objective was achieved. This is a re-creation of the quitter speech, but the audience did not sit idly by while Queen Sarah gasped her way into the quitter record books. Instead, they to … Read More

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I’m pulling up my old Palin barbie posts, because I never get tired of them.

Plastic mayhem In the real world, most people don't tend to give in to inappropriate impulses, such as murder and mayhem. But the plastic world of barbies is a different reality, in which there are no inappropriate behaviors. So it came to be, on a sunny day in the woods, that a group of barbies rid their reality of the tweeting twit, the ultimate Mean Girl, the poorly dressed, overly made-up, slutty-haired, ugly-shoed, blackberry-toting, empty-headed, under-th … Read More

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